Big city hearts and spirits swell on this 21-day road trip through America's East Coast. You'll hit bustling metropolises and experience cultural traditions you might have only seen in the movies. Witness the resurgence of Detroit's arts scene, follow Kentucky's Bourbon Trail, and explore the home of Mardi Gras: New Orleans. With free time and flexibility along the way, you can customize this tour so it's right up your alley.
Starting at $3599.00+
Efficient and exhilarating, this fourteen-day road trip takes travellers to highlights of America's Deep South. Your journey begins in the country music capital of Nashville. Head South to New Orleans where jazz rings out onto the streets, then venture east to Orlando's sand and sunshine. Transition to LA, San Francisco, Vegas, the Grand Canyon - they might as well rename this whole region The American Best.
Starting at $2999.00+
Efficient and exhilarating, this seven-day road trip takes travellers to highlights along America's East Coast. Your journey begins in sunny Orlando before exploring several of the oldest cities in the US as you make your way to New York City. You'll do it all with a knowledgeable Chief Experience Officer (CEO) by your sides and travelmates that are as enthusiastic as you are to soak in the splendour of the United States.
Starting at $1199.00+
Set out on the most sweeping of Baltic cruises aboard ‘Le Dumont d’Urville,’ a new mega-yacht launched in 2019, and experience the cultures of seven countries — Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia — and their grand, historic cities.
Starting at $13995.00+
Travel from Berlin to Helsinki on a 13 day adventure through the Baltic States. Sail to Tallinn, discover Riga's old town and the Berlin Wall memorial.
Starting at $5795.00+
Carrying only 312 guests, Star Legend still tucks into small ports like Le Lavandou and Wrangell or narrow waterways like the Corinth and Keil Canal. We can’t wait to welcome you onboard for your next 180 degree from ordinary adventure!
Starting at $4799.00+
Explore England, Scotland and Wales on this comprehensive tour, with a special focus on England’s beautiful, historic southwest.
Starting at $5249.00+
From the moment you step aboard, you'll see that Norwegian Sky offers something for everyone. On our Bahamas cruises your options are nearly limitless with 13 dining options, 12 bars and lounges, an onboard spa and casino that has all of your favorite games and slots. The popular Norwegian Sky offers 3- and 4-day cruises year-round to the Bahamas from Miami.
Starting at $299.00+