Cape Town Central

In Cape Town's city center, moderately sized glass-and-steel office blocks soar over street vendors selling everything from seasonal fruit and flowers to clothes and cigarettes. Sandwiched in between these modern high-rises are historic buildings dating to the 1600s. There's an impressive collection of art deco buildings, and there is always something undergoing restoration. Don't try to navigate the center of Cape Town by car. It's small enough to walk, and this way you'll be able to explore the many galleries, coffee shops, and markets that appear on every corner. If your feet have had it, the MyCiti bus works a treat if you have a card.


Slave Lodge

Built in 1679 by the Dutch East India Company to house slaves, convicts, and lunatics, it also housed the supreme…

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Groote Kerk

Across from the slave tree on Church Square's eastern end is the entrance to the Gothic-style Groote Kerk. One of…

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Church Square

Church Square bore witness to much of Cape Town's dark history. An inconspicuous concrete plaque along Spin Street's median is…

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