These Are the Cutest Baby Animals in the World!


If you’re reading this, you probably love to travel. And if you’re a rational human being with the ability to see, you definitely love cute baby animals. You know, the ones whose faces are so endearing you just want to squish them? But you are also a smart, responsible tourist who maintains a safe distance, and are also aware that some of them (or their protective mamas) might bite your hand off? Ah, the dilemmas of an adoring traveler. There are few travel experiences as rewarding as those that involve wildlife, and seeing a mother interact with her babies in the wild is definitely one of those moments that can make time stand still. We humans are only a sliver of the living beings on this planet, and we are blessed with many opportunities to view animals in their natural habitat—so it is our responsibility to ensure we are doing so with care, respect, and responsibility as we admire Mother Nature’s incredible inhabitants. So get your bucket list ready and prepare to “aww” your way through this article because we have got some oh-so-pinchable cheeks coming your way (but don’t actually pinch them, remember? Please try to keep up, people).

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