5 Things I Would Rather Do Than Go to Disney in a Pandemic

But know the list doesn't end here.

Despite protests from employees nervous about returning to work in the midst of a pandemic in a state seeing an alarming increase in COVID-19 cases, Disney World is pushing forward, planning to reopen in July. While some Disney-diehards might be on the edge of their seat awaiting the moment they can once again wait in hour-long lines behind damp people (is it sweat or did they just step off Splash Mountain?) to pose with college students in costumes, I cannot say that I feel the same. The park, somehow charging full priced admission, is soon to be the world’s largest petri-dish. The plague was blamed on the rats, well, we’ll look back and blame this second waves on the mice. While Disney might be implementing procedures to “ensure” your health, we reserve the right to question just how safe a city-sized theme park that sees thousands upon thousands of visitors a day can really be. So, while I’m here to say that Disney World is something I will be avoiding like the plague (coronavirus?), I want to explain to you just how little interest I have in visiting the World’s Germiest Place on Earth, and I’ll get you there by letting you know all of the horrible things I’d rather do.

The 10 Most Beautiful Forests in the United States

The truly great outdoors.

More than a third of the United States is made up of forests or woodland areas, which adds up to around 822 million acres altogether–and we rely on them more than you might think. Over 200 million Americans get their drinking water sourced from forests. Forests themselves aid in protecting drinking water cleanliness by the reduction of soil erosion, and the filtration of harsh chemicals and sediments. They reduce risks in times of natural disasters (landslides, flooding), as well as reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus alleviating the effects of climate change to the environment. In short, they are crucial to our survival (and the planet’s). A complete list of the most important forests in the United States would be every single forest–these are just a few of the most gorgeous ones the country has to offer. They have been ranked in order of importance, to specifically me, based on…well, nothing really–personal preference. Here are some of the loveliest forests in the United States.

10 Books for Quarantine Summer Reading

It’s still summer, no matter how weird things are--and this calls for a summer reading list.

If this were a regular summer, we’d be on the beach reading the typical books meant for reading while lounging on the sand–we’re talking romance novels, romance novels laced with feminist themes, romance novels laced with women empowerment and oppression throughout the years, Ruth Bader Ginsberg biographies…the list goes on. And while we can’t sit around reading these captivating (and necessary) stories flanked by a beach umbrella, all of our friends, and general “regular life” (is this even a thing anymore? TBD) summer things, you can still read them, it’ll just have to be in your home. Here are some of our top picks for summer reading.

6 Ways to Celebrate the Fourth in Quarantine

Fun can still be had with a mask and six feet of separation.

We’re approaching a Fourth of July that is far from traditional. Where some families might head out for an annual firework show, pool party, or lake house trip with friends, this year our “typical” plans are simply not possible. However, don’t call it a bust quite yet, because there are still ways to add a little spark to this Fourth. We are helping you plan a Saturday that stands out from the rest—whether you’re feeling celebratory or just needing a break from the mundane, here are some quarantine tips for spicing up this unusual July 4th weekend.

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