Mutiny, Cannibalism, and Monsters: History’s 7 Most Mysterious Shipwrecks

Here’s what Davey Jones is hoarding in his locker.

For as long as the human race has walked the coasts of the earth, we’ve been drawn to the sea. Despite its danger, despite the unknowable horrors that roil beneath its waves, despite all the lives and vessels that have been unceremoniously consumed beneath its surface, we simply can’t stay away. And while many vessels have managed to conquer the sea, returning to safe harbor, these seven ships—under strange circumstances—weren’t so lucky, their ultimate fates becoming shrouded in a haze of mystery.

15 Animal Live Streams Better Than Anything on Netflix

Go wild.

In times like these (global pandemics), I don’t know about you but I have been obtaining much of the serotonin in my body solely from online videos of animals doing things. And what’s better than regular videos of animals doing things? Why, animals doing things in real time. With aquariums, museums, and zoos around the world closing their doors to visitors due to the novel coronavirus, many of them have made some exhibits available online as live-streams for all of us to watch from the comfort (or discomfort) of our own homes. So, step outside (not really) and live amongst the animals (not really) for a moment (far too late into the night).

10 Things to Make Your Dog Less Bored and Anxious While Waiting Around All Day

Your canine companion deserves some fabulous and functional accessories.

Dogs love to go. They don’t seem to really care where they go, either–just as long as they’re with their favorite human. While you can’t travel during the quarantine, treating yourself and your dog to a walk–while keeping the recommended distance from others–is still okay, and it’s a great way for both of you to get some sunshine, fresh air, and exercise. Use this gear to brighten your daily routine, let it inspire you to have a pretend vacay with your four-legged friend, or put it away for a future adventure when life is back to normal. Think of these fun items as a reward for all the love and loyalty your pupper shows you.

9 Books to Help You Time Travel Out of This World for a Bit

Let’s (time) travel to other worlds for a little bit, shall we?

While I wish we could time travel to when this whole global pandemic is over, it’s simply not possible. So, this has forced me to come up with a new plan entirely: reading. Specifically, reading books of fantasy or science fiction to transport me out of the current world and into one far, far away, with problems I couldn’t even begin to understand (time portals! Monsters! Child ghosts playing games in old houses!). Come with me on a journey to far away from home–while staying inside your home, of course.

#NotBadNews: Be More Like This Orangutan!

In todays #NotBadNews, we look at the worlds cleanliest orangutan, the British street that knows a thing or two about busting a move, and an online film-festival.

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