Lauren Schultheiss, Owner/Travel Advisor, is an Atlanta native, growing up in Roswell and now living with her husband and two children in Forsyth County. She studied Media Relations at Bowling Green State University in Ohio and earned an MBA from Colorado State University. She worked for more than a decade for a large media corporation, focusing on contracts, vendor management, and program management. She then took some time off to focus on family and, ready to embark on a new career, began looking for a new opportunity. Having grown up in the travel industry with a mother who owned an agency and being passionate about family travel, opening her own agency seemed like a natural fit. She has visited nearly all 50 states, traveled to Walt Disney World more than 15 times, taken cruises on multiple cruise lines and counts Stockholm and St. Petersburg as two of her favorite cities to visit. She is excited to introduce Big Creek Travel and to begin creating connections through travel.

The meaning behind the name Big Creek Travel

For me, travel is all about connections... connecting with each other, connecting with strangers, connecting to new places and experiences. Big Creek represents an important personal connection for me. Growing up, I used to go on adventures with my childhood best friend hiking down to Big Creek, the creek that ran behind my neighborhood. Several decades later I've taken my kids on adventures along the creek that runs just a few miles from our house. And it just so happens that it, too, is Big Creek – the same Big Creek from my childhood. It flows 26 miles, eventually joining the Chattahoochee River. Big Creek is, indeed a big creek and it allows for so many opportunities to go on adventures and to connect with each other. My hope is that Big Creek Travel embodies the spirit of its namesake and helps clients go on adventures, explore the world, and make lasting memories.

- Lauren