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Take one part cool ocean breezes. Add abundant amenities, unlimited dining, activities for every type of traveler and you’ve got a vacation magnifique! From ships the size of small cities, to boutique yachts for 10, ocean cruising offers experiences for every traveler.

As a Certified Ocean Cruise Expert, I have experience and knowledge about ocean cruising and ocean cruise lines that many agents do not have. I am uniquely qualified to help you explore your options and help plan your next ocean cruise.

Creating a Unique Cruise Experience for Your Group

There are many ways to customize arrangements for meeting and incentive groups at sea, limited only by your imagination and budget. To give you an idea of the possibilities, here’s a list of items and events you can customize for groups:

Pre-Cruise Promotion:
* Marketing Materials, flyers, and postcards to cruisers or possible guests.
* A customized “Group Cruise Guide” mailed in advance
* Printed day-by-day schedule of special group events
* Descriptions of port of call and shore excursions with advance registration forms

With the Documents:
* Zippered document pouch and luggage tags customized with program logo
* Neck pouch with company/program logo to hold the ship’s ID card
* Name badges with program or company logo
* Detailed program agenda

Day of/before Sailing:
* Private pre-sailing “bon voyage” party the night before or morning brunch, the day of sailing.
* Transfers between the airport and pier
* Sail-away festivities

Compliments of the Ship (to be negotiated with the cruise line):
* Company Hospitality/Information desk aboard the ship
* Private “work room” for large groups with internet access
* Welcome Aboard Reception for the group, with one hour open bar and selection of hot and cold hors d’oeuvres
* Welcome letter in each stateroom, signed by ship’s Captain
* “Bon Voyage” bottle of champagne and fresh fruit in each stateroom at embarkation
* Pre-planned dining room seating
* Reserved area at the cruise line’s private island
* Chocolate-dipped fruit delivered to each stateroom one evening
* Complimentary group photograph

Program Enhancements & Signage:
* Magnetized door plaques, personalized with qualifiers’ names and program logo
* Selected red and white wine served with dinner
* “Open bar” liquor & soft drink packages
* Gift certificates for spa services
* Nightly room gifts, all delivered with personalized note card
* Customized vouchers redeemable for photos taken by ship’s photographer
* Exclusive, customized shore events with private transfers
* Table tent cards for hospitality desk and dining room
* Custom signage for special events and function rooms
* Program banner for the ship’s terminal and special group events
* Custom signs for transportation vehicles

A free 'berth' when cruising with a group is a FACT!  If you can put together a group of 5 - 7 or more cabins, most cruise lines will provide a credit for one person who is traveling with the group (does not include taxes and port fees).  If your group has 16 cabins, 1 of those cabins is free (except taxes and port fees).

So how can you "use this free space"?  Bride and Grooms for wedding parties, speakers for specialty cruises, giveaways or raffle for a fundraising cruise, or for yourself if you have gone through all the work to organize, create and market a group.

Interested in learning more? Call us at 855-SEA-MEET (732-6338)

Each cruise has different deadlines and specifics that are listed on the details about that particular cruise, but in general:

Group Deposit - A low group deposit may be allowed for SOME group space. This space holds a double cabin in the block we have reserved. It does not hold a specific cabin on a deck / or location you would prefer and it will not hold triples or quads.

Cabin Deposit - This deposit varies by cruise line and length of trip, but is generally somewhere between $50 and $250 per person. When this deposit is made to the cruise line we can hold you a SPECIFIC cabin where you want and lock-in triple and quad rooms (which are limited on many ships)

Final Payment - This payment is due anywhere from 120 - 90 days prior to the cruise and depends on the cruise line and length of the cruise.

The exact dates for payments for your cruise are listed on the cruise details, plus provided when you book and we send out reminders to help you plan out and easily pay for your trip.



Group Cruise Travel is a network of travel services designed to do something very you follow your dreams of exploring our world with the people most special to you.  Tanya Eldert and her team of travel experts work with you to fulfill dreams and create a lifetime of memories with friends, family, and those we work with. 

 Tanya's took her 2 decades of marketing, event planning and fundraising and combined it with her love of travel and cruising to create a group cruise company that is focused on getting results and meeting your goals.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

A Variety of Meeting Options for Groups!

Today's cruise ships are set up to handle small, medium, and large cruise groups.

Space is free, but varies significantly from one ship to another, by working with a professional cruise group organizer we can help you identify the best ship to meet your needs.

For most of the cruises you do need a Passport for yourself and your children, for Bermuda, Caribbean, and Mexico you can use the new Passport Card (not valid for International flights). The price is $55 for first time adults and $30 for adults who have had a passport in the past. Children under 16 cost $40 and they must accompany their parent/s to the Post Office to apply. Here is the link for more information:

U.S. Border Crossing Requirements Have Changed – Make sure you are compliant today!

U.S. Passport Card – This is a limited-use international travel document valid for entry into the U.S. by land or sea from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or Bermuda, per the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. It is not valid for international air travel.

Cost: Please visit the State Department's website at for passport card fees.

Validity: 10 years for adults
5 years for children under age 16

What you can do on a ship?

The possibilities are almost endless. Each ship has different on board activities geared to different people, groups, and ages. Groups can have private parties, run fitness tracks in the morning, have a cooking class, create towel animals and scrap book pages, ice skate, zip line, surf, swim, spa, meet, drink, play group games, share ideas, exchange gifts, dance and karaoke, and dozens of other unique and fun activities...and never leave the ship!

Do we dine alone or with the group?

When you book your cruise we will find out your dining preferences, but in general the group leader sets up if the group is dining together or if individual guests will be making their own arrangements with family and friends. The best thing to do is let us know which you prefer while booking and let us work with the cruise line to coordinate the arrangements. Also, don't forget that it is a huge ships with LOTS of dining options; so if you are eating with others in the group for most nights, you can always reserve a private evening alone with your spouse in one of the specialty restaurants.

What and where do we eat?

One of the main guarantees with cruising, is that no one starves. Generally speaking, on most cruises guests grab breakfast and lunch on their own and then have dinner with the group or friends. Cruise ships have a variety of offerings for every meal including sit down dining, buffets, pool side casual, and room service.

What do I wear to dinner?

Depends where you are eating! You are on vacation so do what you feel comfortable with. There are formal night/s (the # depend on the length of the cruise) and there is dress code to go to the formal dining room. However, if that is not your thing, grab a pizza and chill by the pool! There are also informal buffets and room service if you would rather not get dressed up.

For most nights the dress code for dinner is 'business casual' with no shorts, T-shirts, and bathing suits; but Formal Night ranges more from 'Sunday Best' to Tuxedos. This tends to be one of the few times per year that I do dress up, which makes it more special. Then do as my husband does.. as soon as dinner is over - run to the cabin, change into a nice polo shirt and hit the bar!

There are basically 3 ways to pay for a group cruise:

1. Each individual cruiser/family in the group selects and pays for their cabin with their personal credit card. (The most common method)

2. The group takes in the payments from the cruisers and pays for the cruise and other group expenses from one account. (Used for specialty cruises or organizations)

3. The business or corporation pays for the full cruise. (Generally used for business meetings, staff retreats or incentive programs)



As crazy as it sounds... we can show you how you can save money by holding your next conference, convention, multi-day seminar or meeting on a cruise. Let us give you a proposal that you can compare with a hotel conference quote and we will most likely win and so will your attendees when they have a GREAT time.

Comparing Cruise Ship Meetings with a Typical Hotel Meeting

Cruise Ship Typical Meeting Facility
Cabins/Sleeping Rooms
Cabin/Room - Double - 80 + per night 100 + per night
Room Service/In-Room Movies Yes EXTRA $
Family - Friendly
Child care Included EXTRA $
Fun for Spouses Included EXTRA $
Breakfast Included Maybe
Networking Luncheon Included EXTRA $15 +
Dinner Included EXTRA $25 +
Reception w/ drinks & snacks Included EXTRA $
Snacks During Meeting May have extra fee for service EXTRA $
Evening Shows Included EXTRA $
Variety of bars, clubs, and evening entertainment Included Generally off-site
Fitness Center Included Included
Meeting Services
Choice Of Number Of Meeting Rooms Included EXTRA $
Extensive AV And Computer Equipment May have fee for equipment staff EXTRA for Equip
Permanent Theater Seating With Production Lighting And Sound System May have fee for equipment staff Generally not available

Call us, talk to one of our staff to get a free group proposal. You have nothing to loose and can gain a experienced professional to help you with your cruise. Despite some myths in the industry it will NOT cost you more to use a travel agent for your group cruise and we can show you how we can reduce your stress and costs!

Think of it this way. With big ticket purchases, wouldn't you want to know there was a human you could reach if there were problems versus and computer support email? Wouldn't you rather know that person lives in your country and has most likely visited the places your going and been on the cruises your taking to give you the best advice? This is difference