10 Puppies From Around the World That Are Very, Very Good Boys

The bulldog says “woof woof,” the Shiba Inu says “wan-wan,” and the Borzoi says “gav-gav.”

Since the dawn of humankind, people from all over the world have taken the wild wolf and shaped it into breeds of canis familiaris that have become unique representations of what each culture needs and desires in a loyal, furry companion. Each new potato-shaped puppy that has tumbled into the world is a testament to the lineage that preceded them. These puppies are big and small, modern and ancient, skinny and stout, bred to accompany kings and guard livestock. But what they all have in common is that they are very adorable.

Will It Be Safe to Travel When This Is All Over? Will We Even Know?

OK, first we’re gonna need to redefine “all over.”

We completely agree with Kappner Clark of RLH Properties in Mexico: “I think most people will be wanting and needing a vacation after all of this.” While the COVID-19 pandemic is the perfect time to start planning a trip, we still need to wait for the green light to actually go to all the wonderful destinations in the world (let alone just dine at the restaurant down the street). Here’s how we’ll figure out when it’s safe to travel again and when #TravelSomeday can revert back to #TravelAnyDay.

We Miss Writing About Travel. So, We Wrote Hotel Reviews of Our Apartments

After a month of lockdown, Fodor’s Editors are reviewing our apartments like we review hotels.

We are totally and utterly obsessed with hotels (as you might already know). Right now, a hotel stay is totally off-limits as we practice social distancing and staying home. But we’ve now reached the stage of quarantine where we’re pretending our homes are hotels, where we’re both the staff and the guests. Here are our reviews:

10 Ways to Visit New York City From the Comfort of Your Own Home

You can spend the day in New York City without even leaving your house.

The city that never sleeps has come to a standstill because of coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean that the spirit of New York isn’t alive and well. Whether you call New York home or if it’s been on your bucket list for years, this roundup of what to eat, cook, and watch at home will make you yearn to return to New York City. Here’s how you can discover the Big Apple from the comfort of your own home.

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