2019 NFL Season Experience

The 2019 NFL Season Experience includes round trip luxury Motor Coach transportation, Complimentary food and drinks, and optional game day tickets. Our Premium tailgating packages include limited alcoholic beverages (other than beer).  All prices for game day tickets are for tickets in the upper level of the stadium. Seats of your choice may be purchased in advance at the prevailing rate. Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of the 2019 Football Season!! Bring your family and friends. Leave the driving, the traffic, and looking for parking to us! Come experience Tailgating at its BEST!

**All tickets are advanced purchase (2 weeks prior to game day) and non-refundable. Minimum participation per event is 35 people. Please note, games sell out quick! See a game you’re interested in…secure it TODAY with a deposit!                  TG=tailgating only    PTG=premium tailgating w/limited alcohol        GT=game day ticket (upper level)

Please join us for the BEST Tailgating Experience of the season!

Date                                                                      TEAM                                                                  Cost per person

8/15 Thursday 7:30pm                                      NY Jets/ Falcons                                               $100 TG $15 GT

8/22 Thursday 7:30pm                                     Redskins/Falcons                                               $100 TG $15 GT

8/29 Thursday 7:00pm                      Steelers/Panthers(Charlotte, NC                                  $100 TG $25 GT

9/15 Sunday 8:00pm                                    Eagles/Falcons **                                                     $125 PTG $115 GT

9/29 Sunday 1:00pm                                      Titans/Falcons                                                       $100 TG $55 GT

10/20 Sunday 1:00pm                                     Rams/Falcons **                                                   $125 PTG $60 GT

10/27 Sunday 1:00pm                                   Sea Hawks/Falcons **                                           $125 PTG $70 GT

11/24 Sunday 1:00pm                                     Tampa Bay/Falcons **                                          $125 PTG $55 GT

11/28 Thursday 8:00pm                                N.O. Saints/Falcons **                                          $125 PTG $125 GT

12/8 Sunday 1:00pm                                           Panthers/Falcons                                               $100 TG $75 GT

12/22 Sunday 1:00pm                                        Jaguars/Falcons                                                  $100 TG $55 GT

No personal checks accepted. Visa, Master Card, Cash, Cash app, or Money Order

706 925 1211


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